nihilistic nonfiction

things the world could do without

general stupidity
high fructose corn syrup
tampons with applicators
50 shades of grey
fake butter
underwire bras
plastic bags
paper towels

things that make the world a better place

the u.s. postal service
ted talks
books by wendell berry
anime and manga
google maps
farmers markets
bike lanes
dark chocolate
burts bees products

365 Day Eighteen
365 Day Seventeen
365 Day Fifteen

I am someday going to live in my own little apartment. It will have carpet and Christmas lights and a tea kettle and warm winter boots by the door. Photos posted all over the walls. A striped orange cat that followed me home one day to keep me company. A large bookshelf with nonfictions and journals and novels. Mountains outside my window. And an elderly downstairs neighbor who always invites me to dinner.